Poetry contest winner!


Marcia Mogensen

Junior Chelsy Middleton won the first Spartan Spin Poetry Contest with her take on “The Other Side.”

By Austin Kohne, Reporter

Junior Chelsy Middleton won the first ever Spartan Spin Poetry Contest on March 22.

“I found out by a friend that’s in the newspaper. And I wanted to enter partly for the prize, but I also wanted to test my skills,” Middleton said.

Middleton is an ametuer poet that got interested in poetry her freshman year in her language arts class. She has been interested in making and analyzing poetry ever since.

“What I’ve always really enjoyed about poetry is the fact that there really aren’t any grammar rules,” said Middleton.

Middleton’s poem features a free verse style. Her take on the prompt “The Other Side” seems to describe two different sides: one that entails a red carpet and angels, and another with beggars and cowards.

“To be honest, I’m pretty much a ‘noob’ to writing poetry. The only time I ever wrote any (poems) was when it was an assignment for a class in 9th grade. But I do enjoy writing poetry,” said Middleton.

Middleton won a $20 gift card for Dairy Queen.

Chelsy Middleton’s contest-winning poem:

The Other Side

I am the side that is, and will always be desired,
Because I am the side you wish to acquire,

The trumpets sing every time I walk into the room, while the red carpet comes rolling in so my feet don’t have to Touch the ground that has been touched by liars, beggars, and cowards,

People are always on their knees crying and begging me to see this magical side,

I am the side that the sun envys and the reason why the dark side of the moon comes out to play like a child that has been in the dark for far too long,  

I am the side that shines so bright, that the monsters don’t dare come crawling out while I’m around

But instead, lurk in the shadows trying to catch a glimpse of this side,

What I hold in my hands are what dreams are made and built from,

In my hands, I hold what others desire

If wanted, I could make them dance the way a Jester would for his King,

What others desire is to be apart of this side.


I am the other side,

The side no one talks about,

Why don’t you talk about me? Why don’t you care?

Because you’re all fixated on your own problems making them bigger then there true form,  

Tsk, tsk, you tend to forget,

That I am the one who goes hungry at night

I am the one who looks for a place to rest my weary head,

The one, that trouble seeks and always finds

As if I’m painted red in a scene of gray,

The one that gets pushed so far down by society

That it seems to me and others that I am the ground.


You all walk on me, never looking down, heads always straight ahead to your destination,

Forgetting me, and the ones below you, as you reach for the top,

I’m the one you feel sorry for, and want to help, but can’t find a way to,

Or so you think,

It seems that humanity stops and ends more then it starts and finishes

And you? You’ll be just like the others,

Instead of walking around me, you’ll walk over me,

Forgetting that, I am the other side,

I am, Hungry, Tired, pushed down and then walked on,

Nothing’s forever, nothing’s ever guaranteed so take this warning before you are punished for not being able to Succeed,

Someday, you may cross this line, and be the next victim of this sad and forgotten other side.