Safety first, please


By Gabby Shaul, Reporter

A concerning question that I have this time of the year is this: why are we coming to school when a lot of the roads are covered in ice and my weather app is showing below-zero degree weather?

I do consider staying home some days, especially when I slip and fall in my driveway on my way to start my car.

I understand that we do not want to cancel our time to learn, but I also believe that safety is more important. As someone who lives in town with one parent and 30 minutes away when staying at the  other parent’s residence, I know how dangerous it can be on both ends. Not only is it a struggle for people who drive their own vehicles, but bus drivers have to deal with this as well and probably start their day much earlier than most people.

Being located in the north, this town is prepared for the cold weather, but there are still days when people struggle to get places on time or get injured because of it. It worries me that people feel their lives are worth risking in order to be on time or simply reach their destination.

I would like to encourage everyone to do whatever possible to stay safe while traveling. Consider if it may be too risky to drive at all before getting into a vehicle. Know that your lives are more important than being on time or making it somewhere.

Also consider getting more sleep if possible and getting up earlier to prepare for the weather and make your travels safer.