Seniors gaming style is a fatality


Austin Kohne

Daniel Villalobos plays Mortal Kombat X at his home on Dec. 8th.

By Austin Kohne, Reporter

Daniel Villalobos, a senior at SHS, makes videos on Youtube and streams himself playing fighting games on Twitch, a popular streaming website. Villalobos has moved a total of 51 times since he was born. He has lived in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas, Missouri, North Dakota and Arizona.

“I never went outside because I moved all the time,” Villalobos said. “I always was playing because my father and oldest brother were always in and out of jail and my mom was never home, so I spent most of my time playing video games.”

Villalobos has been playing video games since he was four years old and does not plan on stopping anytime soon. He never had time to make permanent friends in school because he moved so often, but instead he made them online.

“I’ve actually gained a few great friends through the process,” Villalobos said

Video making has become one of his main passions with no real inspiration for him. Villalobos started in 9th grade, making Mortal Kombat X character tutorials. His main goal through these videos was to try and teach the watcher of the video how to play a certain character. The process is quite simple for Villalobos. He will play a certain game for 6-8 hours straight while recording with Sony Vegas Pro 13, a recording application, and will then take highlights out of the video. Villalobos mainly plays 2 dimensional fighting games such as Mortal Kombat, Injustice, and Tekken.

Villalobos is competitive not only due to him playing for so long, but had mini competitions with his older brother. In fact, this pushed Villalobos to get up to number 7 on the global leaderboards for scoring in Mortal Kombat X.

“Once I reached this, I realized that I could probably start recording for either informational or entertainment purposes,” Villalobos said.