Interact adopts a family


Seniors right to left) Bridget Beyer and Lauren Raboin in an Interact meeting in room 1154 on Nov. 27.

By Autumn Wolter, Reporter

Senior Bridget Beyer and the rest of the Interact club are participating in Salvation Army’s Adopt-a-Family program. The group voted to participate on Nov. 20 and will continue until Christmas Day. Beyer is helping to buy some of the presents for the family. Since Interact doesn’t have a budget, all of the students are buying the presents with their own money.

“Buying everything out-of-pocket definitely gives everything a deeper meaning — or a new personal meaning — knowing that it’s your money and not just a set budget,” Beyer said.

Interact has been participating in Adopt-a-Family for the past five years. This year’s Interact Vice President and senior Lauren Raboin helped the group pick out the season’s activities, and Adopt-a-Family was an obvious choice for her.

“They [the Interact group] find joy in helping other people,” Raboin said.

Adopt-a-Family is a program through Salvation Army where families in poverty are assigned to a group signed up to adopt. The family makes a list of their needs and what the kids, if any kids, want for Christmas. The adopting family then buys what they can from the list, and the Salvation Army delivers the wrapped presents to the family.

Interact is also collecting canned goods for the Salvation Army and doing the Giving Tree in the library. Those who want to help or join Interact can contact the teacher advisor Angela Johnson or come to one of their meetings in room 1154 on Tuesdays during A lunch.