Small lockers, big helpers

By Pheonyx Wittkopf, Reporter

The new lockers are 4.5 feet  by .9 feet, a total of 545.625 cubic feet. The old school lockers at Superior High School were  5.8 feet tall .8 feet wide and .9 feet deep. That’s a value 641.7 cubic feet of space for a students supplies.  

There is quite a difference in size when they are compared side by side. This has resulted in complaints from the student, but what if having smaller lockers was better?

This allows students to carry bags so they can always have their supplies with them instead of going to their lockers and being late to class.

In the years before, teachers reasoned that students could make it to their lockers and grab their necessities before the bell rang. Because of that, backpacks were not a necessity. Now, with lockers on the first floor, away from all the classes, that’s a different story.

If a student wants to get anything from their locker it takes at least ten minutes to get there and back depending on what floor their on. This makes teachers less lenient to allow kids to leave the classroom, this leads to the allowing of backpacks in classrooms.

The lockers are big enough for some supplies and winter clothing when the cold season hits. The school cannot please every student. While these small lockers might not be ideal for winter clothing, they serve their purposes of helping the school staff.

One of the reasons these lockers were made so small was caused by the students. In the old school, students would get away with throwing food in the hall when they didn’t want it.

With the smaller lockers, it’s almost impossible for students to throw food or garbage into another “isle” without being caught because they are small enough that almost all the students head can be seen. This creates less work for the janitors and staff who have to clean it up.