Letter to the Editor: Students Encourage Late Start Time

By Sarah Cannon, 12

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I believe that we should have later start times all week at school. On Wednesday’s when we have a later start I feel more rested and ready for the day. I can sleep later and then I am able to focus more at school. I also believe we should have later start times so students can meet with teachers before school. It gives them the opportunity to catch up on work if they are gone by making up quizzes and tests. This also gives students time to get tutoring if they need it too, whether if it’s with a teacher or another student. Another thing that I enjoy about later start times is having more time to do homework in the morning. I have a part time job and am involved in a lot at school, so having that extra time in the morning to finish assignments helps me immensely. Overall, I think that later start times would help students academically and mentally.

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