New Coach for SHS Girls Divers


Madeline Verdoljak

Diving Coach Kate Long helps Sophomore Ellen Hollenback during practice at SHS on September 26, 2022.

By Madeline Verdoljak, Reporter

Girls Divers began the new season this August with a new full time coach, Kate Long.  Prior to this season, the divers had not had a coach for several years. 

Coach Kate Long was a diver herself during her junior and senior year of high school. When she heard the girls were in need of a coach, she jumped at the opportunity, saying she “missed the pool”. 

The girls dive team has seen many newcomers within the last few years. Senior diver Moiya Rhoads, sophomore diver Ellen Hollenbach, and freshman diver Olivia Wolbert all joined high school diving with no prior experience. Before this season, this made the learning process difficult for the team.  

“We get feedback that’s actually helpful and from somebody that knows what they’re doing,” Rhoads said. 

Rhoads explains that without a coach in the past, she would need to learn from upperclassmen, watch videos, and get help from coaches from other teams in order to improve her skills.  However, with a new coach, improvement comes easy for the divers. 

“It’s really cool to see a freshman be able to throw a reverse on their third day. Which I don’t think would happen on their own,” Long said. 


With a new coach and improvements within the team, the divers are set for a great end to their 2022 season.

Freshman Olivia Wolbert works on her dive at practice prior to a meet on September 26, 2022. (Madeline Verdoljak)