Introducing New Inclusive Club For Students Of Color


Naomi Williams

Bsu group making posters for the 2022 homecoming parade sept. 26

By Naomi WIlliams, Reporter

A newer representation of the black student body is the creation of  Black Student Union starting up with Thursday Club days. Clubs are beginning to become part of the school day again starting October 20.

New clubs were created with the thought of everyone being able to be in a club that they wanted, and made them feel included among others with the same interests. During this process, BSU was a fairly different club, rather than interests, the club focuses on primarily the black student body. 

While speaking with Senior Tijwuana Dempsey and Junior Shaundrea Loyd, they stated that 

BSU was founded by Tasha Lancour, along with four other members. As the group went to promote the club, Dempsey and Loyd explain how they went about promoting the group. 

“We used social media, posters and flyers, and talked to friends,”  Dempsey said.

The two also include that the group has grown larger since the expansion of the club. While beginning to focus on the newer members of the group, what their initial thoughts were.

“Black power, and black lives matter,” Junior Deshawn Hill said.

Senior Kyleshia Taylor then explains about how she envisions the club, and how the group plans on working on their mission statement.

“I believe the group to actually engage with each other, inside out outside of the school, helping grow positive friendships and build stronger bonds with our black student body,” said Taylor. 

With the group primarily targeting black student body, it has been announced that the group is open to non-black members, and is working on a versatile group, while still primarily focusing on black student issues, in and outside of the school scene.

Bsu group making posters for the 2022 homecoming parade sept.26 (Naomi Williams)