District lifts mask mandate


Deshun Taylor

Freshman Student AJ Cinacola poses maskless. Masks are now no longer required as of Feb. 18.

By Brayden Simmons, Reporter

The Superior School District lifted their mask mandate on Friday, Feb. 18. Masks are now optional and no longer required for staff and students.

The masks had been reinstated back on Jan. 12 after the board reviewed covid cases and low attendance rates due to COVID-19.

Sophomore Joe Duzell spoke about his opinion on not wearing a mask: “I think it’s my choice to not wear one, and it’s my freedom to do so.”

Sophomore Paige Mattson spoke out on her choice to wear a mask: “I don’t want to get COVID, and I live with my grandma. Also for the people who can’t be physically vaccinated for other health reasons. I’ve had multiple family members die from COVID.”

Assistant Principal Bill Punkyo had some views about the situation that were insightful.

Punkyo said he doesn’t wear a mask for the mustache and how it defeats the purpose of having the mustache.

More significantly, Punkyo spoke with his heart and said that “I hope we’re at a point where we’re past all of the illness” where just being vaccinated and not having to wear masks will be enough to keep everyone safe.

Senior Student Kalissa Nelson poses with a mask on. Masks are an option for anyone with safety concerns. (Deshun Taylor)