Delay in Spartan Shack shipments


Robert Powell

Spartan Shack manager Tara Hansen stands in the Shack, Oct. 18. The store has limited items due to delayed shipments.

By Robert Powell

Regardless of supply chain issues slowing down ships and trucking routes, shipments still make it to the high school, and the Spartan Shack has received new gear for the holiday season.

New items include Spartan choppers, Spartan hoodies and new socks. While Spartan Shack manager Tara Hansen and her Fashion and Retail class are trying to be ready for the upcoming holidays, a new variety is on its way. 

Students in the Fashion and Retail class work behind the scenes in the Shack every day. Some days they design clothing and accessories, other days they work on rearranging the Shack or restocking it. Senior Alex Velleux works on restocking the store and taking care of the storage room. Velleux and the class also bring Spartan gear out to the sports complex to sell during soccer and football games. 

“We have a great time in class, it’s fun making new apparel and working on our website, it gives us a good experience of the business area,” Velleux said.

Christmas orders this year are in need of early placement as shipments of online purchases are delayed due to COVID. Some ships are trapped in bays or harbors for days at a time, and containers may sit in ports for even longer due to a lack of truckers. 

“Pre-COVID, orders would only take 3-5 weeks to get in, now, they take 4-7 weeks, so planning for the Christmas order can be difficult,” Hansen said.

The Spartan Shack is open Wednesdays 7:55-8:25 a.m. and Fridays 7:25-7:55 a.m.. Another way to view and buy products from the Shack is on their website. Social media pages for the Spartan Shack can be found on Instagram and Facebook where they update new items and other news about the store.

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