Senior writes and directs her own one act


Cyrus Olson

Senior Jacqueline Stumpf to write and direct her own One Act play.

By Cyrus Olson, Reporter

Dreams are coming true for senior Jacqueline Stumpf who has written her own one-act play.

Stumpf’s play will be performed in the Performing Arts Center in early February 2022. The play is about two characters Productivity and Self-Doubt trying to write a play.

“It will be free with donations, but all donations will be going to CASDA.” Stumpf said.

CASDA is The Center Against Sexual and Domestic Abuse. Theater teacher Amber Gilbert said that it was Stumpf’s idea to make it a fundraiser and give the money to a charity.

The auditions are planned for Dec. 20 and 21.

Stumpf is a teaching assistant for Gilbert and helped her with the recent production of  “A Christmas Carol.” Gilbert said that being a leader in the latest One Act gave Stumpf the opportunity to practice for Stumpf’s senior directed One Act.

As far as the characters go, Productivity will have a very well put together look about them and Self-Doubt will be in a hoodie and jeans.

Stumpf had many other ideas that didn’t work out, which will be featured in the play as story ideas that Productivity and Self-Doubt have. 

“I tried multiple times to write a couple different stories, which kind of make an appearance in the play as like terrible things, that they’re like ‘aw shoot, this is not a good story. We need to write something else,’” Stumpf said. “Then, my dad was like, ‘stop stressing about it, why don’t you just write a play about writing the play?’ And I was like, that’s a really good idea, so I did that.”

Stumpf said that there probably won’t be a lot of props. Most likely, the only one will be a laptop that the characters type on. 

Gilbert says that Stumpf has always been a good student and has always been proactive in theater. Stumpf was the lead in “Shrek the Musical” in her freshman year.