Basketball player hopes to improve his game


Andrew Melgeorge

Sophomore Tresean Sanigar practicing basketball in the gym. Sanigar hopes to move up to Varsity this season.

By Andrew Melgeorge, Reporter

Over the summer, sophomore Tresean Sanigar participated in Varsity tournaments with the Superior basketball team. The pace of the game was way faster and the room for errors was little to none, so he had to adapt to the level he was playing at. Sanigar, with hopes of finding a spot on the Varsity Basketball squad, responded to the higher expectations at the tournaments.

“I want to be the best version of myself. Motivation is key,” Sanigar said.

With new basketball coach Kory Deadrick, all the players on the team will be new in the coach’s eyes. Sanigar played on the freshman basketball team last year, but he hopes to move up as he gets older.

“Sanigar has a lot of potential and is a very good natural athlete,” Deadrick said.

Sanigar was introduced to basketball at a young age, one of his favorite ways to practice was playing lightning at Great Lakes Elementary School with his friends. Sanigar continued in the Salvation Army league in middle school. 

“I’m excited to work with him and watch him develop over the next few years,” Deadrick said.

At home, Sanigar loves to cook and play video games like NBA 2k and Madden NFL. He also likes to go fishing. Juggling hobbies, school, homework, and basketball can be difficult, but Sanigar has his motivation knowing that he cannot play sports if his grades are down. He makes his homework a priority at home.

“I just do one thing at a time: sports first, then homework, then at-home chores,” Sanigar said. 

Sanigar hopes to progress over the years and has high hopes for his future. 

“I want to be the best basketball player I can be,” Sanigar said.