How is Born Too Late doing?


Andrew Melgeorge

The Born Too Late band poses together on the deck for a picture before their performance.

By Jack Banks, Reporter

Last November, Spartan Spin interviewed Traxx Kavajecz’s band Born Too Late. We wanted to see how they were getting along this year. In the midst of Covid-19 Traxx and Rokkyn Kavajecz could not perform their booked shows as well as not being able to go to the studio, but things started taking a turn for the best.

“Instead of saying there is nothing we can do, we might as well sit home, we grew our fan base wall, we’re still locked in the house” Kavajecz said. 

The band did not struggle; they adapted. 

Summer of 2021 “We played about 60 shows this summer,” Kavajecz said. 

“Every weekend we have around 2-3 shows.” Traxx’s sister Rokkyn said.

 “Even though making money and getting paid for your art is nice, it is definitely not about the money. Getting the opportunity to share your music with other people is what it is all about” Traxx said. 

As well as booking shows and performing, Born Too Late is working on their first album!

Their goal is to have it done by the new year. The album is called “Rebel Child,” this is also the name of a track that appears on the album. The Band currently has 5 of 8 songs complete. Song Titles including “street light mannequin,fallout,7 sins and forbidden fruit. 

“The goal is to have it done by the new year. Ultimately I think the next step for us is just getting our own music out there,” Traxx said. 

Support continues to come in for Born Too Late in-person and on social media, 

“We have been getting alot of support from the local community and our fans lately, and we are very grateful for all of it” Traxx said.

With all this amazing music Born Too Late is making, They are on the right track to be one of the greats!

Born Too Late recently performed at the Thirsty Tavern in Alborn on Oct. 30th.