New Italian Restaurant Brings New Taste To Students


Wyatt Tischler

Chef and Owner Zudija Maksutoski stands on the right side of the Dolce Vita sign.

New restaurant Dolce Vita opened its doors April 6 introducing new Italian flavors and jobs as well. Local resident owner Zudija Maksutoski opened his first restaurant in the south end of Superior on the corner of Tower Ave. and 58th Street.

Currently the establishment only serves dinner due to a lack of workers. However, that has not stopped them from packing the restaurant almost every night and even having to close early because they have sold out of food.

“So right now we are definitely hiring for part-time dishwashers, someone who’s looking for a job as a high schooler… We are definitely looking for bussers, and if anyone wants to expand into serving and we see you have the potential and willingness to work, we will train you the whole nine yards,” said Maksutoski.

Becoming a dishwasher will include closing and cleaning the restaurant as well. The job is flexible with hours and days that you can work, and the pay is one of the most in the whole area.

“My legs get a little bit sore from standing and running around a lot, but I really enjoy my job. I like earning a paycheck. I did make 12 bucks an hour to start out but then because my boss Zudija really thought I needed more training he bumped me down to eight bucks, plus I’m only working one Day a week. The hours are flexible and it’s a very friendly environment working here, and I really love my boss. He’s very nice,” senior Skyler Edquist said. 

Hours start around 4 p.m. and go till 9:30 or 10:00 p.m. or till close if you are staying after to clean. The restaurant is closed Sunday and Monday and open Tuesday through Thursday from 4:30 till 9:30 as well as on Friday and Saturday from 4:30 till 10.

This business is Maksutoski’s first personally owned restaurant. He grew up in the restaurant business since he was just a little child. 

“I felt very confident opening up this restaurant, and it’s been a dream come true,” Maksutoski said.

The restaurant’s name Dolce Vita, is a popular term across Europe, where Maksutoski is from, and has a specific meaning, which is why Maksutoski chose it.

“We are not let’s say a fully italian restaurant, so the way I came up with the name of Dolce Vita Restaurant is because in Europe. I’m from Macedonia, so Dolce Vita is a popular term you hear in Austria, switzerland, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Greece. It’s just a very popular name and saying and means sweet life. I came up with the name because with COVID I thought maybe ‘Dolce Vita, sweet life.’ With everyone’s problems and all the things going on, it’s still a ‘sweet life.’ I didn’t want just a normal Joe’s Corner, you know,”  Maskutoski said.

The menu offers an array of European style dishes and other foods that have earned many positive reviews on Facebook and have earned the restaurant five stars on google. The quality of the staff and establishment has been praised as well.

“I’ve already eaten there a few times and I’ve really enjoyed my experience every time. The food was great and the staff was incredibly friendly. I definitely recommend it and will probably eat there again,” Oliver Christner said. 

The restaurant had been in remodeling for nine months, all done by Maksutoski himself, and was able to have a soft opening on Monday April 5 for reservations only. Their official opening was on April 6.