Heading home, again

Superior School District will switch from hybrid to virtual learning starting Monday, Nov. 9


Wyatt Pahos

Junior Robby Powell stands outside his journalism room Nov. 6. He will miss the one-one-on help he gets when all students will have to attend virtually starting Nov. 9, Monday.

By Wyatt Pahos, Reporter

The 2020 school year started as a success with the help of the option to do hybrid learning. Starting Nov. 9 the Superior School District students will be attending fully online classes due to an increasing number of positive COVID-19 cases in the county.

The criteria for sending students back into their homes is 50 positive COVID-19 cases in a group of 10,000 people over a two week time period. With the current rate at 52 positive cases every two weeks, it forces schools to switch to all online schooling for the safety of students and staff. 

The current possible return date is set as Nov. 30. If the number of cases continues to rise past that date, the schools will remain shut down. Superior High School Principal Rick Flaherty stated he is not in favor of the shut down.

“Technology help will be available, but this is going to be hard for everyone,” Flaherty said.

Not being in person with teachers makes for a more complex way to intake knowledge. Every student in the Superior School District has a counselor to contact at anytime about any personal or school related problems.

It’s easier to come to school two days a week. It will be hard getting help online when everyone else is seeking help at the same time, and teachers have so little time,” junior Robby Powell said.

Over the past summer food was delivered and available at school for any students that need it. This delivery and pick up system will be available for any student to receive for as long as schools are online.

The current situation adds complications to every; student, teacher, councilor, assistant teachers and principles. While being at home, the class work will continue to be taught, teachers are just teaching in a different environment. To keep the work manageable, students need to stay up to date on new assignments and keep the stress levels to a bare minimum.

“Not being able to help students in person, adds stress to teachers and students,” Flaherty said.

For any additional needed information, an email was sent Wednesday by District Administrator Starzecki to all parents regarding the current situation and how to receive updates.