Born too late or born at the right time?


Nicholas Jardine

Traxx and his sister Rokkyn sit on their porch while they play one of their new songs Oct. 8. They played and sang respectively the chorus of popular 80’s music.

By Nicholas Jardine, Reporter

Guitar sensation sophomore Traxx Kavajecz is a multi-talented musician who plays drums, guitar, and even backup vocals for his sister Rokkyn Kavajecz on main vocals in the band called Born Too Late. Rokkyn and Traxx have been playing in this band for nearly four years with two other band members, Taylor Shykes on bass and sometimes accompanied by Shayne Nelson.

During the early stages of the band, Traxx’s mother would help with the scheduling and handling of equipment.  It soon became solely the responsibility of the band itself, with Traxx doing a majority of the outside of band work like booking, financing, and social media.

COVID-19 has impacted the band’s way of life substantially.

“During COVID-19 we couldn’t meet up or play as a band because our bass player’s mom is a nurse so she couldn’t play. Being down a member of the band is a huge loss, especially if you’re practicing with and relying on them to play the part no one else can.” Kavajecz said.

Ever since the quarantine the band has been getting popular on social media like Facebook Live, they got around nearly 4000 views. 

“This year got support from followers on Facebook and pushed me to go further” Kavajecz said. 

Having others’ input is what pushed Traxx to keep the band going even during the hard times. Anyone can support them at their local performances in Duluth and Superior.

Born to Late will be playing at Jacks Bar this Friday, November 6th from 8-11 p.m. And Friday, November 13th at Fosters Sports Bar & Grill from 6-9 p.m.