Quiz Bowl Competes Virtually


Pheonyx Witkoph

Sophomore Alyssa VanVynckt, freshman Pierce Hoyt, and seniors Malita Villamayor and Olivia Moen compete against Winter High School on Tuesday Feb. 15.

By Pheonyx Wittkoph, Reporter

On Tuesday,  Feb. 15, sophomore Alyssa VanVynckt, senior Malita Villamayor, freshman Pierce Hoyt, and senior Olivia Moen from the high school’s Quiz Bowl team got together for their last round of the season. They went against Winter High School for their twelfth match, their last chance to change their position.

Before this match, the SHS team was around third or fourth place overall.

“It’s hard to tell because not everybody’s finished. Everybody’s not at twelve games yet,” Norbert LeCaptain, the advisor of the team said.

All teams must play 11 (or 12) matches before they can end their season. While Superior is playing their last game, Winter is only on its sixth game. If Winter were to win all of their rounds, Superior would be pushed down. This could also happen if any of the other schools were to win the rest of their rounds.

Logging onto BlueJeans.com to compete against their opponents via a video conference, Superior started their match against Winter at 4:50. Superior was ahead halftime with 50-35, but as the game went on, Winter pulled ahead and ended up winning the game by one question.

The game ended with a score of 80-85. This placed Superior in fourth place out of twelve. They hope to keep this position, but it all depends on how well the other schools do. If all goes as hoped, Superior will end the season in fourth place.

Quiz Bowl is a point-based competition where teams take turns answering academic questions. When all 40 questions (20 for each team) have been answered, points are added up and the team with the most wins. Correctly answering a question will give the team five points, but if a team gets the question wrong they lose five points instead.