Girls Volleyball Team Makes a Win Against Cancer

By Megan Jaszczak, Reporter

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The Superior Spartan girls volleyball team won their “Dig Pink” volleyball game Tuesday night (Oct. 2) against the East Greyhounds in only 3 sets. Their first set was won 25-22, their second 25-18 and their third 25-19. Although they made a great win, the game was not necessarily the most important thing to the players. The “Dig Pink” theme to support breast cancer awareness is a main reason that this game was so important to them.

Both the team and the fan section wore pink this night, and the hallway and gym walls were covered in pink posters. Before the game began the announcers said a few words dedicated to the cancer survivors and families of those lost in the community. Then the Superior players brought out flowers to those in the crowd. Superior has had these Dig Pink games for years, but these most recent years have had a more personal effect on the volleyball team because their coach Brenda Puntz was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

Senior, Autumn Siers explained that in this situation, these games are “closer to the heart,” but the team was glad that they were able to win. She believes that may have helped with fundraiser they had as well. To help raise money for the Side Out foundation they held a raffle and a bake sale. This foundation uses volleyball events to raise money in support of finding new breast cancer treatments. Siers believes that this is a great cause and is proud to be playing for cancer, explaining that this cause brought the team closer.

“We did awesome tonight. The team really came together,” she said.