Pro-life Group Spreads Awareness on SHS Campus


Kat Caven

Students for Life members talk with students and staff during their latest informational event about abortion on March 26. The event was a visual example of the impact that the passage of Roe V. Wade had on the population in the United States, with beans and grains of rice representing lives lost to abortion.

By Kat Caven, Reporter

Every Monday during B lunch, the Students for Life gather in Lee Sims’ room, all excitedly discussing ways to further their goal to protest against abortion. They also intend to bring awareness to reproductive issues and provide resources for pregnant teens.

Junior and Students for Life club leader Noah Roe decided that this was the year he would start a pro-life organization at SHS. Roe has attended the National March for Life in Washington D.C. for the past three years,  an annual, nationwide anti-abortion protest – and felt that this was an important issue to spread light on.

“It was kind of rough at first,” Roe said. “We didn’t really know what we were doing in the beginning.”

Students for Life started small, with only four students and advisor Lee Sims, and now sits at 12 members. The members plan small events that happen roughly every month to raise awareness of teenage pregnancy, women’s clinics, and resources for pregnant mothers.

According to Roe, the founders of the group are against abortion, but Students for Life as a whole doesn’t discriminate with its members; two students are even pro-choice.

At the start of the year, the club held a trivia game in the lunchroom with a wheel that had questions about fetal development on it. If students answered questions correctly, they got a cupcake, and if they got the question wrong,  they were handed a “Baby Truth” – a Baby Ruth bar with the letter “T” drawn in – and were informed of the correct answer.

“We were trying to be very nonaggressive and give scientific facts,” Roe said. “We didn’t want to get all up in people’s faces.”

Students for Life meets Mondays during B lunch in room 213 and welcomes new members to their club. Their next event involves members planning to write pro-life messages in colorful chalk on the sidewalks at SHS.