Letter to the Editor: Applause for Rally Leaders

By Chloe Kintop, 11

As gun violence is an extreme concern that’s growing in the U.S., many around the country are trying to speak out and create change for the fallen victims of the heartless and inhuman acts. After the last school shooting at Parkland High School, Florida, students are speaking up about policy and change, including our school. Major props to the two students who had the nerve and courage to get up in front of around half of the school body and speak up about this growing problem. Even though it took a lot of inner strength to do that, it could’ve been completely different, by making the nineteen minutes that we were dismissed out of class powerful, moving, and educational. Students usually don’t take the time to go out of their way to inform and educate themselves about current news, they just hear the school talk and what teachers have to say along with what the talk is in their home life. That being said, taking the nineteen minutes that they had, they could present the controversial topic better in my opinion.

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